Monday, January 21, 2008

My FABULOUS sister

Here is the link to my sister's senior pictures. Beware, though...there are 347 of them. Ridiculous...I know. You might just want to browse page by page or look at a few and skip around. Anyway, she is a doll and I love her and am soooooo proud of her! I just CANNOT believe that she's a senior! YIKES!

In other news: Cassie is now afraid of being in the bath. If you even SAY the word poo-poo while she's in the bath...she freaks OUT and tries to climb out. Oh, brother...

My back is the absolute worse right now that it has been this whole pregnancy. I can't numb the pain with ice (I just can't find the spot), baths help, but it's hard to get in and out, walking is almost impossible. My poor husband and daughter are not enjoying this one bit. I have basically 5 months left (4-1/2 if I get my way) and don't know if I can handle this for that many more weeks. Prayers would be appreciated!

As of late March/early April, I will no longer have daycare kids. Emberley was just not happy in my care, so we decided that it would be better for them to find another situation for her. I think that it would be great for her if they could find someone to watch her at their home. As for the other 2 kiddos, once their baby sister is born, they are going to stay home with Mommy and then go to preschool. All of this has happened within 1 week. It is a stress and a blessing all at once. Obviously, the income thing is an issue. The blessing, though, is that it has been hard on me with the awfulness of my pregnancy and taking care of extra's hard enough with Cassie. So, we shall see how life progresses once we're back to just Mark's up and down income. God always provides, though: Jehovahjira (God will provide--the name used when Abraham had Isaac on the altar and the ram was in the brambles).

I guess that's it for this exciting addition of ordinary momma. Tune in next time for tales of how great my back is doing and how fabulous I feel! :)

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Tawnya said...

Great pics! She sure has grown up! I haven't seen her since she was little.