Tuesday, May 6, 2008

40 days...is it raining?

Someone reminded me that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights in the great flood. Was that you, Tracy? Whomever it was, I don't want rain for that long...while it is seeming like a short, short deadline right now with the baby coming, raining for that long seems never-ending.

HOWEVER, I'm thoroughly not convinced that Conrey is going to be content in there for 40 more days. It's been a rough afternoon, folks. It all started about 1:30-1:45...somewhere in there. What started? Contractions...every 8 minutes for an hour and a half...sometimes every 6 minutes. After that timeframe, they slowed to 10-12 minutes for 45 min or so. Then, it was back to 8. WHAT??? Finally, by about 6 p.m., they had slowed to 15-20 minutes where they currently reside. Yes, it is 9 p.m. and I'm still having contractions every 15-20 minutes. SHEESH! I'm supposed to wait until I have them every 5 minutes for a whole hour before going to the hospital. Um...I think that if they get to every 6-7 min for an hour, I might go and fib. Do you KNOW how quick my labor went last time? I started contracting at 6:30 and Cassie was born at 11:13. For tonight, though, it looks like labor is not organizing and I'll be okay.

Mentally, I am so not prepared for him to come right now. Physically...well, you all know how that's been. However, I do feel a bit jipped for all of these contractions with no baby. Oh, well...he's safe in there and is getting stronger every day that he's in there. I trust that God will have him come out when he's ready and not until then. Let's just leave the contractions until...well...then. :)


Bek said...

I need to come and see you! I want to visit and play! Oh, and Chloe wants to play, too ;)

All right. Down to business. WHAT IS UP WITH THESE CONTRACTIONS CONREY?? I mean, whoa. You're gonna have a baby, Devon, sooner than later more than likely! I'll be praying for you and Conrey, and for him to keep his little hiney in there for a while longer! Mainly because it's for his own good, but it's good for you, too!

John's brother is in town this week and is spending part of it with us, but we're free after Friday. I'd like to ask you what you're doing on Saturday, but I think John would be jealous if I went over to Kansas without him. I'll discuss it with him and see if he wants to do something on Sunday. Let me know if you're free!

Meshellyn said...

I was wondering about you when I went to bed last night, didn't want to call and bother you though. Glad things settled down for awhile at least. I'm starting to get itchy to meet Conrey I must say, all of the babies last night sure got my baby fever in high swing!