Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hospital visit #???

Well, girls, I thought that last night was "it." You know how they tell you to wait until you have contractions every 5 minutes for over an hour and they are a "4" on the pain scale 1-10? Well, I had contractions really regularly all afternoon. I didn't even give them any attention, as we all know I've had contractions...and lots of them...for a few weeks. While we were eating dinner, they started increasing in frequeny and intensity. Finally, when they were at 3-4 minutes apart and fairly intense (4-5 on my scale), I decided to go. Why did I wait? Well, I'm a bit gunshy about going to the hospital after my multitude of trips. Albeit, they have all been valid (well, maybe not the one where I was insisting that I had an ovarian cyst and they insisted that it was just ligament pain, but the rest were legit), but I really didn't want to be someone who got sent home.

If you'll remember, I had NO dilation in the hospital during the iron episode the previous day and my cervix was really, really high where it was hard to even check. When I got to the hospital last night at about 10, they hooked me up to the monitors and such and saw that I WAS having contractions every 2-4 minutes. They checked me at 10:30 (pm) and I was at 1, still really thick, but not as high. I labored for an hour, at which point I was at 1.5, so they said that my dr would not admit me. I was really concerned about how you know when to come back when you even exceeded their guidelines, but were still sent home. She said that I could labor for another hour if I wanted. An hour later, I was at a 2...still not adequate, apparently. They gave me Ambien (a sleep aid) and sent me home. All night long, I very, very vaguely remember moaning and tossing and turning, but it really knocked me out. I woke up to a contraction at 9:20 this morning and have had them off and on all day...sometimes in regular patterns that eventually dissolve...sometimes just here and there.

The worst part of my day is that I've felt really drugged out all day. I've never done drugs or had a hangover, but I imagine that this is what one of those events feels like. I'm just NOT myself and feel odd. I won't be taking Ambien ever again...if I can help it.

So, I've had contractions off and on all day. Conrey seems determined to come sooner rather than later, but hopefully, we'll hold off a little bit longer. I am trusting fully on God to know when he's ready to come out...I just wish we'd do one or the other...either stop the contractions or come out! :)

That's the end of my saga for now. I hope you've enjoyed my fabulous story. So many details were cut out for brevity (I know, you're all thinking, "That was brief?!?" It really was...). All in all, we're just watching and waiting...waiting and watching. I'll keep you updated...


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Well, at least you know he should be okay if he comes this early! Sorry for all the craziness!

heather said...

you've had quite a round of hospital visits lately! i hope you are holding up emotionally - it seems like quite a roller coaster. all the best - and hopefully your next trip to the hospital will be your last for a very, very long time. :)

Bek said...

WHOA! Holy cow, Devon! It looks like Cassie and Conrey are going to have birthdays VERY close together! I would say keep me posted, but if you're giving birth, then it will probably be Tracy who keeps me posted! I'm praying for ya, that one or the other happens!

Meshellyn said...

What # is it really? LOL. You're going to be one of "those" patients if Conrey doesn't make up his mind soon :)

Take care, call if you need anything!