Monday, May 5, 2008


Thought I'd start off with some pics from our photoshoot. We went to Portrait Innovations. It was a great experience and I will go there again! I think the pictures speak for themselves as to the quality. Yes, they were digital pictures and I got the CD of all 77 pics. Of course, I spent way too much money in the process, but can you blame me? :) :) :)

Mark got Conrey's room almost completely painted (2 coats) last night. He has 2 more walls to do the second coat on before the base is done. Then, we'll do circles on the walls in blues and browns and get his stuff set up. I'll get pictures up as soon as it's done. I'm really excited. The base color is a tan, which is a color that I've never done before, so it's branching out for me! :) The only thing that I'm not crazy about is that his room with kind of be a hodge podge of furniture...white changing table...everything else different shades of wood. Oh, well, at least he'll have a bed, right?!? :)

For now, here are the things that I need to purchase before he comes:
*Bassinet sheets that are not pink
*Hooded towels that are not pink
*Changing table cover that guessed it...not pink
*Some type of dresser/bookcase/toy organizer for Cassie's room, as that is currently the job of the changing table. This is what my parents are giving us money for for her b-day. I just have to find one and get it now.
*Hangers for his clothes (Yes, I have pink and purple ones in Cassie's closet, but they're all being used)

I think that's it off the top of my head. He won't need "toys" per se at the beginning, but a large majority of our baby toys are pink. Poor kid! :) I tried really, really hard to get the big ticket items in neutral colors, patterns, etc. The bumbo is green, the high chair, infant seat, stroller, swing, etc. are all gender neutral. I think I'm good on all of that. It's just the toys...

Cassie has been really excited about babies lately wherever we go. I tell her "that baby is like baby Conrey is going to be." She just oogles over them and is so, so excited. I just hope that excitement continues once he's actually here!!! :) I think that you can tell how much she already loves him by the "belly pics" above, though.

As for Conrey...this boy keeps getting those super-sonic hiccups and he's still moving around quite a bit. Not as much, but still quite a bit. I officially have lost over half of my wardrobe because he's so big that things don't hide my belly anymore. I usually have to try something on and then ask Mark if he can see my belly. More often than not, it's a "yes." SO, if you see me wearing the same things over and over, just know that it's because nothing fits!!! :)

Well, that's all I know for now. If you're in our area, we're always up for playdates and company, so come on by to see us! We get bored around here just the 2 (well...3) of us! :) :) :)


Laura said...

We would come and see you...

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so cute! Hey, Tracy is trying to find a time I can come hang out. I'm thinking the 25th -- going to 1st service and then hanging out with everyone like old days. Lemme know if you'll be able to. -- AT

Chelf said...

She is such a cutie girl!

I will make sure to let you know the next time I go to Wichita to visit Zipper's family. I would love to meet you all in person!