Thursday, May 8, 2008


OOOOOOO...I can't be outdone by Meshellyn, so I had to do 2 letters, too! :) So, here we go.

HUBBY: My hubby, to be precise. I would have never thought us a likely couple had a read his dating resume (no, he didn't really have one...). We are about as opposite as night and day in almost every possible way. However, God knew what we each needed to balance ourselves out. He is the perfect fit for me and I hope he feels the same about me. He is the "disciplined" one, the money-thinking one, laid back (in some ways), the provider, the introverted, and the serious one. I am the out-going, carefree, nurturing, patient, sensitive one. There are many other qualities that we bring to the table to make us balance each other. While this often causes conflict, I am thankful that God saw each of our needs and fulfilled them so perfectly.

HOME: Yes, I'm a homebody. There is nothing better to me than being at home with my family, whether that be here in my home with Mark and Cassie or at my parents' home.

HOMEMADE ICE CREAM: OK, so this one is going to be repetitive on "h" and "i," because I just love ice cream in general. However, there is something about a Fourth of July party complete with homemade ice cream to make me long for those burning days of summer. I must say, my mom's homemade ice cream takes the cake, if you will, above any I've had.

HOT BATHS: Did I say baths on "b?" I don't remember, but there is no better way to enjoy an evening after Cassie's in bed than a hot bath with a good book. I love hot tubs, too, but I won't list them separately.

HEATERS: I love heaters. I love to be warm. I love space heaters. Chances are, if I'm sitting here at the computer, the space heater is on at my feet most of the year...maybe 10 months out of the year, if not more. :)

HARRY POTTER: I was completely and totally opposed to Harry Potter before reading the 1st book. I think that they are incredibly magical (pardon the pun) fiction books that can get non-readers reading and that can totally transport you to a time and place that is real when you are reading these books.

ICE CREAM: I told you it'd be back. I love all ice cream. It's all delish. Here's my secret: My favorite right now is Bubblegum ice cream. I always like it...right now, I LOVE it! :) Otherwise, I usually would pick cookies'n'cream, mint chocolate chip, or something fruity like strawberry or blackberry.

ICICLES: I cannot spell that word in all caps. Is that right? Anyway, I love icicles. I love when you look out at the trees and they are iced over. It is just magical looking to me. I hate being cold, but if it is going to be stinkin' cold, then at least let us have something beautiful to look at! :)

"I" words are hard to come up with. I can't even think of "i" words, much less ones that I love...

IKEA: I don't own any, but wish that I could furnish my entire house with Ikea stuff. I so would!

ICE SKATING: Watching it, that is. I don't mind doing it, though I have weak ankles so I don't last long and I'm not very good. There is, however, something awfully romantic about it. But, I do love watching ice skating or figure skating. It is amazing to me the things they can do...the jumps, lifts, twirls, and all of that. TALENT!

IDEAS: I just love it when a perfect idea pops into your head to solve a problem you've been working on OR if it is just a fun idea. It is amazing how complex the human brain is...

OK...I think that that is all I can come up with. Tune in next time for the "J's."

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