Thursday, May 1, 2008

45 days to go

...until my due date, that is. Man. As each of those days ticks by, I am reminded of the mountain of things to do. Poor little man has NOT been prepared for due to my "issues" during this pregnancy. By this point, I'm pretty sure Cassie's room was all ready to go...her clothes had been washed...I was waiting for those 45 days to pass. That's like 30+15! That's just not much!!!

I have to weed through all of Cassie's old things to see what is gender neutral. I'll give you a hint...not much. Mark and/or his dad have to get the nursery painted. After that, there is bedding to wash and the crib to put together. Then, I have to get out the carseat, swing, bouncer, etc. and get those all washed up and ready. The changing table has to be moved from Cassie's room where it is currently a toy holder to Conrey's room so that it can be a changing table again. Oh, and I need to buy a cover for it that is not pink. :) Hmmm...what else? Tracy and Lori had said that I could borrow some clothes from them, so I have to get them and organize them. Lots to do...only 45 days (or less...that's the stressful part...the OR LESS!!!) to get it all done.

Do you think my tune has changed a bit on this whole due date thing? My outlook is so much better now that I'm not in constant agony. Please continue to pray that it stays that way. I really want to enjoy my last 45 (or less) days with just Cassie and Momma. We've been playing outside a bunch. If you happen to drive by, you'll see our artwork on the driveway. We've been going places (her favorites are Target and Toys'R'Us). We've been just having fun together. I want that to continue clear up until baby brother comes.

Well, trash duty calls. Everyone have a splendid evening/day and I'll catch ya later.

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