Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cassie is silly.

Did I mention to you all yet that Cassie is really into buckles lately? She wants to buckle every buckle she sees be it the grocery store cart, a high chair, her carseat, etc. You know, the buckles that just snap 2 pieces together? I HATE the buckles on carts and public high chairs. They totally gross me out. I have never, ever let her touch them. We always say, "Don't touch the buckle" as soon as we sit her down. Well, 4 times now lately, Mark has gone to get her out of a high chair at a restaurant or out of the cart at Target only to find her securely buckled in. HA! Have you ever watched someone try to pick up a kid that is buckled in still? It's pretty funny. Cassie just cracks up each time. SO ORNERY!!! I don't know what the facination is with buckles, but she goes around the house buckling things. Her booster seat has 6-8 straps that all can fit together because it hooks onto a regular chair. She'll buckle them in all kinds of configurations and then just giggle. It is a pain to unbuckle all of them just to let her sit down! They criss-cross all over the place and have to all be undone before she can sit in the seat. Also, she does the straps on her high chair here at home countless times each day.

You know those learning dolls where they have zippers, snaps, buttons, buckles, etc? I think that I need to buy a doll and just sew tons of buckles to it. Hmmm...that might be a good idea. :)

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