Saturday, May 24, 2008

FABULOUS sister, update, and randomosity

First of all, Kelly, I guess my sis-in-law is not worried about spelling it out for me on here! I knew what you meant, but she let the world know. :) Actually, Mark is weirded out by the thought of "doing it" to get the baby to come out. He said, "I don't want to make him come out with a headache!" HA! He knows that it doesn't work that way, but I think it offends him that I want to "use" him that way! HA HA HA!!!

NOW, on to bigger and better fabulous sister, Dani. Last night, she won the Jester Award for outstanding female lead vocalist for the entire Wichita area for her performance in the operetta, "Amahl and the Night Visitors." The show was back in December and then she found out that she was nominated a month or 2 ago. Last night, they had the awards show...kind of like a local Grammys. There were like 15 nominees or something from various musicals around the Wichita area. They also had chosen her to be one of the performers between know like how the Grammys will have Faith Hill perform? That was my sister last night. :) Anyway, she got a really neat glass award that has her name and such on it. She was thrilled. I am so excited for her, as I know that this has really boosted her confidence in herself. I just hope that she has many opportunities in college to shine brilliantly! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, DANIELLE!!!

Let's see...update...nothing too exciting going on here. I did have lots of contractions yesterday afternoon. I had them every 4 minutes for 40 minutes before they slowed down to 6 and then 10 and then further down until they were just every once in awhile. BUMMER! They have to be every 3-4 minutes for a full hour before going to the hospital, so that was just a big tease.

Cassie and I are going stir crazy. We had decided that I was not going to drive anymore until Conrey is out...not sure if I'd mentioned that yet or not. Also, I am not taking her on walks and such by myself. The risks of me passing out are just too great. I don't want to risk a wreck or risk passing out on the sidewalk and Cassie running off or into the street or something. So, we're stuck here and are incredibly bored. We have watched WAY too much TV and it is just getting old. If for no other reason, that is reason enough to want to get him out...freedom! Wait...does having 2 kids to get ready, get in and out of the car, and lug around lead to freedom? I'm not so sure...

Oh, Meshellyn...will you call me sometime when you're awake. I know you worked last night, so I didn't want to bother you. But, I need to see about a favor. :)

I made peanut butter cookies yesterday. You know, where you actually use pb and flour and stuff? NOT Break'N'Bake??? I think that I've eaten about half of the batch so far. YIKES! OH! That reminds of something completely scary. Last night, not only did I eat an ENTIRE Chipotle burrito (which NEVER happens), but I BEAT MARK BEING DONE!!! WHAT?!? I finished and looked over and he still had about 1/4 of his left! WHAT?!?!? Oh, Mylanta!!! That is ALL I have to say about that. I don't ever even finish, much LESS finish ANY meal before Mark! YIKES!

Well, I suppose that that is enough rambling for today...or at least for now. :) I hope that you each have a great day!

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