Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tired, but doing well...

If you didn't read the post below, I spent some time in the hospital...actually checked in this time. I'm doing really well, though I am so, so tired from losing pretty much a night of sleep. However, I am coping SOOOO much better than I normally would have after losing sleep and I attribute that to the iron. I have been warmer, peppier, and just feeling better in general. It is a huge change from normal life.

So, I now have Cassie and Conrey updates...much more fun than health updates. We'll start with the little guy.

They did a sonogram to make sure that I wasn't bleeding in the womb...specifically that my placenta wasn't bleeding requiring an emergency C-Section. Now, I have had way more sonos during this pregnancy than I care for, but at the same time, it is so incredibly amazing that you can't help but want one every, single day!!! Not only was this amazing because of how big he now is, but it was amazing because when they ARE this big, they put it on more high-powered settings that show so much detail. We could see his hair. We could see particles floating around in the amniotic fluid. We never did get to see his little face, because he was looking straight back at my spine, but otherwise, we saw just an amazing little baby growing in there.

In general, sonogram dating gets LESS accurate the later in the pregnancy you are. Having said this, however, the sonographer put his due date according to the sono at June 4th, which is 11 days early. That is based on size. He was estimated at 6 lbs 7 oz. That is definitely still big for the average at this point, but not as drastically oversized from my 29-week sono. All of his systems looked good, though, and if he comes out anytime soon, he should be in good shape overall.

Now, on to my princess. It has been a hard several days for her. Friday night, she was kept up late so that she could see my parents, aunt, sister, and sister's bf before going to bed. She got to sleep really late, only to wake up just a little later than her normal time. Saturday, she was again kept up late and then had to get up for church. Then, Sunday, things went topsy-turvy for her as they left me at the hospital (until Mark's dad could take care of Cassie so that Mark could be with me)...she didn't see me that night or until mid-morning the next day...then she had to leave me there again for awhile... It was all just a lot for a 2-year-old. It was stressful on her and she cried for me a lot, but she did okay. I think that it was seeing me all hooked up to stuff that mainly stressed her out. She's much better today, though.

I have mentioned many times how amazed I am at things that she knows/picks up that I have no clue she understands or has even heard before. Sometimes it's little things like when she asked where her cup was and when I told her she said, "Oh, yeah..." Other times, it's when she repeats catch phrases or sayings that she's heard people say...especially when she uses them in the correct context. Today, she said, "Goodness' sakes! That's what Grannie says. I love my grannie..." Grannie is my mom whom she spent lots of time with this weekend. I just thought it was funny and I didn't ever notice my mom saying that, but apparently she did. :) At the hospital, a guy in the lobby said hi to her and she said, "I'm going to see my Momma!" Of course, then he called her a 'good boy,' which irritated Daddy, but she found it necessary to explain to the random guy why she was there. I just think that it is so fun when they start turning into "people" rather than babies. :)

Maybe I should do a Mark update, as I don't do that nearly enough. He is still working at Home Depot, obviously, but not loving it. Retail is hard on him, as he takes things too personally. If someone is rude to him, he takes it totally personally. I told him that he can't do that...he doesn't know what it going on in their lives or maybe they're just rude people...if he knows that he is helping him as best he can, then it is not against him. He has just never done retail before. He IS getting better about it each day, I think, but if there were another opportunity for him right now, I wouldn't be surprised at him wanting to jump on it. For now, it pays the bills and he can tolerate it, so he's trying. :)

Well, I think that that is about all I have to write today. For now, I'll say adios and I'll be back again soon.


Natalie said...

I just caught myself up on your blog, wow you have had a lot going on. Glad your home though and doing better!! Cassie's 2 year old picts are so sweet too. Call me if you need anything, I'm home pretty much all day everyday.

Jen & Ryan said...

It's good to hear you're doing better. That was so cool that you got to see Conrey's hair. Only a few more weeks to go and you'll get to see the real thing. Maybe it was a good thing to decide against going to your sister's graduation (this weekend, right?).

I hope Mark does better with Home Depot. I worked retail (Best Buy) for 3 or 4 years. If someone really gets rude with him, he just needs to look at it as "this person doesn't have anything better to do than to be rude to people who are there to help." Water off a duck's back!

Take care of you and the family!

Jamie said...

Glad you're feeling better and that Conrey is ok.

Hey, I'll link to your blog if you'll link to mine...;)