Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It's that time again...time for alphabet soup. The letter of the week...G! Hmmmm.....

Well, let's start off with the obvious:

GREEN: GREEN, GREEN, AND MORE GREEN! I love green. I love all shades of green. I love all things green!!!

GRAVY: I do like gravy on my food. I love biscuits and gravy. I love mashed potatoes and gravy. I just like gravy! HEE HEE!

GARAGES: I am sooo appreciative of our garage. For the first 2-1/2 years of our marriage, we didn't have a garage. There is nothing better than watching a foot of snow falling knowing that your car is warm and dry out in the garage! :)

GREEN TEA: Careful with this one...this warm, cozy drink will cause the inconvience of frequently the restroom if you drink too much! Green tea just warms me up and makes me feel cozy. I like hot tea in general, but something about that bitterness of green tea just satisfies. :)

GRACE: But by the grace of God go I. Without the amazing gift of God's Grace, how on earth could I have hope?!?

GOD: Sad that it took me this long to get to that "G." I love God. I fail Him often and hate that I cannot be the woman that He wants me to be. I am trying, though...

GAMES: I love to play games. I love word games, puzzle games, arcade games, card games, board games, action games...all kinds of games. Games are just fun. A few of my favorites? Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, Diner Dash, Virtual Villagers, Uno, Hand and Foot, for lack of a better title: The Drawing/Sentence game***. Games are just fun.

GIRL TIME: Is there anything better after days and/or weeks of housework, taking care of the kids, and working than time to just hang out with the girls? I love either going out to dinner, popping in a chick flick, or just hanging out talking. It's priceless time to re-energize. When, oh when, was the last time we had a girl's night out?!?

Well, there you have it...my G's. Enjoy!

***The drawing/sentence game is beyond fun. We typically cut paper into quarters. Each person gets 1 paper per person playing...if you have 10 people, each person gets 10 quarter papers. Everyone is assigned a letter (A-J if you have 10 people). You number the papers (1-10 if you have 10 people) with your letter: 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, etc. On the first paper, everyone writes a sentence that involves a noun and a verb. It has to be something that can be drawn...adjectives make it more fun as long as it is still something able to be drawn with just a pen or pencil. At the announced time, everyone passes their papers to the person next to them. That person then draws what the sentence says on their #2 paper. At the appointed time, everyone puts their picture on TOP of the sentence (so that the next person cannot see the original sentence) and passes the stack to the next person. That person then has to write a sentence of what they see in the picture on their #3 paper. Play continues this way until you get all the way around the table, always covering all of the papers except the one that the person next to them produced. When it's gone all the way around, one at a time, you have fun reading aloud the chain of pictures and sentences that occured from the final drawing or sentence backwards until you arrive at your original sentence. It's an artistic twist on the old "operator" or "telephone" game where you whisper in each other's ear. TRY IT!!! YOU'LL LIKE IT! And...if you have any questions or need clarification...be sure to call/e-mail me! :)


Bek said...

Ohhhh Devon, we DO need a girls night out!!! Even if it's a girl's night in, it would be splendid! What fun! I'm already scheming on things we can do...movies, games, snacks, girl talk...it just excites me!

And by the way, the "gating" is kind of eh. I feel it would be mean of me to stick her in there for prolonged periods of time. However, when she's in a good playing mood, I put her favorite toys in there and it lasts about an hour. So it gives me an extra hour a day, which is sooo worth it!

Anais said...

Good for people to know.