Tuesday, March 4, 2008

25-Week Doctor's Appointment

Well, I just got back from my doctor's appt. Everything is hunky dory. I've gained just about 19 lbs total now and baby seems to be doing well. When he was listening to the heartbeat, Conrey kept kicking. The doctor said, "It sounds like HE'S excited about Mexico!" He gave me all of his "regulations" about the cruise and water drinking and all of that. It was the typical listen to the belly and measure the belly appt.

The funny thing about this visit? Well, I called my sister-in-law, Amanda, who is 6 weeks behind me in her pregnancy before I left and gave her this tip: Don't eat asparagus before you have to go to the doctor's office and pee in a cup. MAN! That was embarrassing. If you don't know what asparagus does, it makes your pee a funny color AND it makes it smell funny/gross. OH BROTHER! Like they don't already hate dealing with people's pee and then I had to make it worse! I guess I learned my lesson to think about my day/week before eating asparagus, huh?

So, now I just need to fax my doctor's consent form and I'm ready to CRUISE! YAY! Now, if only that would hurry up and get here!!!

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