Monday, March 3, 2008

Still don't like this weather!!!

I'm still amazed and annoyed at the weather. OKAY, so yes, we DID get 2 days of 70's at the beginning of March...I should be thankful. However, it was SUCH A TEASE!!! Oh, well. I still maintain my theory (even through the complaining) that if it weren't for winter and summer, we wouldn't appreciate the fall and spring-like days when they're around.

So, I get a weekly pregnancy e-mail that is informational, supportive, etc. This week...not so much. I was really, really annoyed by it and wanted to find who wrote this particular article so that I could smack 'em around a bit. Call me hormonal (of course, if you DO, I might smack YOU around a little), but when it said, "You may start to experience some lower back pain in the next few weeks..." I wanted to laugh, cry, and cause physical harm all at the same time. You "may START experiencing..." OH BROTHER! I've had back pain for about 19 weeks! UGH! Of course, my desire to do a little hurtin' wasn't only directed to the people writing the was also to all of those pregnant girls reading that saying, " back is going to start hurting! That's not good. I better go buy one of those special pillows. I better go schedule some massages!" Yeah, those people need a little indian rugburn or something too... really a violent person. Just wanted to clarify that. AND, I am extremely, extremely thankful for the blessing of being pregnant despite the pains, discomforts, and sickness that has accompanied this particular pregnancy. I didn't want anyone to get a different idea. I know that we are blessed beyond words to be having a second, healthy pregnancy and I thank God for it and for Conrey often. I am just not so thankful for those I-never-had-a-single-sickness-ache-or-pain girls. :)

On anther note, yet still Conrey-related: This boy can MOVE! He is sooo active in there that I sometimes worry about once he gets bigger. I definitely think that he's going to be a rough and tumbly little boy. He loves to torment me when lying on my side in bed. Of course, what he DOESN'T know is that that is my only option, so it's not very nice to jab repeatedly at the bed. :) He is just going to be a strong one!

As for Cassie, she has been really out of sorts lately. I don't know if she's getting #'s 3-4 of her 2-year molars or what, but she's been a bear one moment and then giggling the next. Last night, she bit (and latched onto) my belly because I wouldn't give her more goldfish crackers. Not so impressed with that move... Today for lunch, she mainly only ate ice and tonight for dinner, she barely ate anything. She tried to eat fruit snacks, but rejected them after just 1 (which got spit out). I am soooooooooo thankful that there are no more teeth after these until she's 5-6. I am TIRED of teething! Let's see...she started teething at 2 months, so she's been teething pretty consistently for 19 or 19-1/2 months. ICK! At least we'll be done early with the 2-years, though, and be done.

Well, I know that I'm horribly exciting to you all, so I'll end this rambling for now and catch up with ya tomorrow. Remember to answer my question below!!! :)

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