Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Question and Trivia for the week

Welcome to the new addition to my blog...I decided that each week when I do my random question, I'll also do a trivia fact/fun fact that comes from the vast store of useless knowledge in my brain. Scary, but true, I am a trivia machine. Unfortunately, most of the trivia I know will never be asked in Trivial Pursuit. BUMMER!

Without further Ado...

RANDOM QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What is your favorite color? This is more of a "get to know you" question. I love colors. I love pink...I love purple...I love colors. HOWEVER, my favorite color is obvious to anyone that knows me. It's GREEN, GREEN, and more GREEN! I love all hues of green. I love green houses (though some hues are totally off-limits for houses...COME ON, PEOPLE!!!), green clothes, green walls, green accessories, green eyes, green everything. Don't worry, my home is not ALL green. My bedroom is blue, Cassie's is pink, and Conrey's will be tans and turquoises. My bathrooms aren't green, nor is the majority of the basement. However, the hallways, living room, and kitchen (which are all 1 space, really) are all a perfect shade of green. I love green! :)

Oh, the joys of childhood. How exciting was it to get a good 'ol scratch and sniff sticker. I can STILL smell the Strawberry Shortcake stickers that I had. We had PB&J stickers, assorted fruit stickers, and stinky smell stickers (not my fav). I loved these amazing little stickers. But how on EARTH did the picture of Strawberry Shortcake and Custard (her cat) smell like strawberries? The answer is simple...the process is actually somewhat simple, as well. Put a SNS sticker under the microscope and you see something that looks kind of like teeny, tiny bubble know, the kind that is so much fun to pop? Trapped inside some of these bubbles is an ether and inside some of them are an alcohol. Certain ethers and alcohols, when mixed, produce a certain smell. So, you scratch it, release the 2 chemicals, and VOILA you have that delicious strawberry smell. Similarly, if there is a certain smell that they are trying to create, they will simply make that single smell into a perfume and encapsulate that perfume into all of the bubbles eliminating the chemical reaction step. In old school/vintage SNS stickers, however, the chemical process was the magic.

SO, now you know that I love all things GREEN and you know how scratch and sniff stickers work. Don't you feel just a little bit more intelligent?!? :)

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