Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So, it's time for the next rendition of Alphabet Soup...things I like that start with the letter "B." I don't have the cute little logo thingie that my friend, Meshellyn has, but oh, well. :)

Let's see here...B...first off, to steal one from her:

Baby Lotion: Yum-O! Nothing says "baby" like the pink stuff!

Babies: You can't think of the pink lotion without thinking of those little pink bundles themselves...and by "pink bundles" I'm speaking of their skin, not that I only like baby girls. :) I have always loved babies. I have always wanted nothing more than to be a wife and mother.

Brownies: These yummy guys would not generally be on my favorites list, but MAN I've been craving (and eating) brownies lately! YUM! I especially love the ones with the packet of Hershey's syrup that you put in the batter. OH, YUMMY!

Berries: I love all things berries. I love strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, shnozberries. I just love berries.

Board Games: To steal another answer from Meshellyn, I really enjoy a good board game. To cheat on the "b's," I also love card games and group games. I just love games. It is just always a good time to snack and relax with friends. If you haven't ever played "Settlers of Catan" or "Puerto Rico," I suggest you check them out. They're pricey, but FABULOUS!

Baths: I LOOOOOVE a nice, warm, serene, bath. Not only can I be alone for awhile, but they have been quite necessary during this pregnancy. I also love bathtime with Cassie. She LOVES the bath (minus the time surrounding the "incident") and just gets such joy out of splashin' around.

Bubble Gum: Yes, I'm a kid at heart. I love bubble gum. Give me a big wad (of course, it's hard to find the kind I can have these days since I'm allergic to all artificial sweeteners) and let me blow bubbles until the cows come home. I love the original and grape, but pretty much like any flavor.

Bubbles: Speaking of blowing bubbles. I do love bubbles. Well, actually, I more love the reaction TO the bubbles that children ALWAYS give. They just adore them and it is hilarious to watch them chase them around only to have them pop. Ah, bubbles......

Bread: If it's a carb, then it's typically on my favorites list. I love nothing more than a restaurant that gives you bread before your meal. It curbs your hunger until the real food gets there and is just plain tasty!

Bible: Though neglected, I do enjoy unraveling the mysteries of the Bible and reading the not-so-mysterious stories of the Bible. I LOVE Cassie's passion for finding Jesus in her picture Bibles. It excites me that she's already familiar with Jesus and is already learning about His love.

Blogs: I got this idea from M, but I rather like reading other peoples' blogs than actually blogging. I typically think, "Man...that was a whole lot of nothing. I'm sure people are really thrilled to be reading this rubbish!" I'm not asking here for compliments. I'm just saying...who really wants to read the random things that come out of my head?!?

Baking: I love baking. I LOVE being in the kitchen and wish I had more time for it. I LOVE creating something that turns out just right. I love eating something scrumptious and knowing that I created it. For me, it's ALL about the presentation...if it looks good, it just tastes even better. SO, I love making a fancy dessert or something and having people appreciate the asthetic (sp?) appeal that it brings to your eyes before ever hitting your tastebuds. My cousin, B, and I used to cook together once a week for our husbands. We called it "Kansas City Cooking Cousins" or "K Tri-C." That time period was truly the highlight of my early-married life. You know, you can be a whole lot braver when there are 2 of you cooking and I think that we each helped the other to become a better cook/baker/etc. by the time we spent together every week. Once, we made a triple layer chocolate/raspberry cake with homemade raspberry filling and homemade raspberry whipped cream frosting. It was pretty fabulous, huh B?

OK...I've written enough for one day. SHEESH! I could just go on and on with this game. There is ONE problem I have with it, though...have you NOTICED how many of my items are FOOD-RELATED?!? It just makes me HUNGRY! *sigh* Such is the curse of the pregnant woman. :)

Oh, and by the way, I'm over my "I-want-a-girl" funk. Back to Conrey Fever! :)

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Meshellyn said...

BAKING! I'm stealing that one from you :) I love it too, and just about any baked good, yummy!