Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, I've had a few contractions off and on all day long. Again...nothing painful, just uncomfortable. Here's the 4-1-1. I am on bedrest (as much as possible) until I go for a sonogram at 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning. What does this mean? Trying to figure out how to rest with a 2-year-old for a day. HA! Mark is home today, so that's good, but tomorrow we'll be exploring the boundaries of Cassie's independence. :) I don't have to be IN my bed. I just have to lay wherever we are. I don't want her to be a little TV monger, but she does enjoy her shows, so tomorrow will probably be a very TV-infused day just to make it through. If the rest continues after the sonogram, then we'll figure things out with family and such. Until then...I'm just hoping that as the UTI clears, this all does too and that there is zero change to my cervix, etc. etc. If there has been no change, then there is no worries and no bed rest. If there has been change, there will probably be bed rest and then check ups and then who knows what if the bed rest doesn't help. We're just going for the zero change, though, right? :)

Well, just wanted to keep you all updated. If you don't hear from me between now and Wednesday, it's because I'm laying somewhere resting. Have a good one!


Meshellyn said...

Take it easy Devon and we'll keep up the praying. I take it the doctor couldn't get you in to check your cervix today, or did he change his mind on that?

Bek said...

Hey, if you need me to come over and help watch Cassie, DO NOT HESITATE to call me!!! 816-590-5089. You're in my prayers and my family's!!!

heather said...


Thanks for your sweet, positive comment on my blog about your childbirth experience. I am holding it as a gem. :)

I'll say a prayer for you and your little one - I'm sure this situation is creating a lot of stress for you and your family.