Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well, we're up to "D" now. I guess I missed it while I was gone, so I thought that I'd catch up on it. I must say that I'm having trouble thinking of things...

DATE NIGHTS: I love the chance to spend quality, devoted time with my hubby. To be able to talk without interruption every 2 be able to eat my food while it's nights are good and far too infrequent.

DINER DASH: It's a great game that is really fun. It is quite addictive to me, so I have to be careful not to get hooked on a game and lose all track of time.

DINNERTIME: I love to eat...I love to cook (as previously stated). I love sitting down as a family to eat together. I love it that Cassie knows that we hold hands and pray before we eat. I love it that we can catch up on each other's day. I just love that we're all together after a long day of separation.

DESSERT: Yes, this is another food item, but I love it. On the cruise, I ordered 2-3 desserts every night, because you can do that on cruises. :) I thoroughly enjoyed it all. I mainly like fruity things, but fruity and chocolate is good too. I will usually try anything as long as there are no bananas, coconut, cheesecake, or the few other things that I don't really care for that are in desserts.

DERIN, DUSTIN, and DANI: My siblings. We're all D's. I love them all dearly and crave time with them. It is always sad to say farewell when it's time to leave...especially Dustin and his family since we see them so rarely.

That's all I can think of right now. Sad list in comparison to my others. I'll try to add later. :)


Bek said... don't like cheesecake? ::sniffs:: I'm thinking of having little cheesecakes for Chloe's 1st birthday :( Well, in all honesty, you'll probably be recovering, so there! ;)

tawnyamarie said...

I'm with you on the dinner and desserts. And I guess I will say I like the "D family" too. Date night is more of a chore when it does happen. It's rare that it's a good one. My computer addiction lately has been Luxor. Now that I've beaten though, it's lost it's appeal. Sad, very sad.

Meshellyn said...

Glad you're back and getting caught up. It's time for the letter E already :) I look forward to reading about your trip!