Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Home...at long last

We are home...safe and sound. It was a looooooooong trip, but a great one. We enjoyed family time, food, adventure, and lots of laughs. I took 55 diapers and came home with about 7...pretty good, I'd say. We saw sights, played in the ocean and on the beach, sat on our balcony, and just had a great time. I will write a more detailed post when I have the energy. We all 3 came home sick, sick, sick with headcolds/sore throats/achiness. Not so fun, but that's alright. It started with a niece and sis-in-law and just kind of made the rounds. I think that MOST of us have gotten it by now. UGH! SO, as soon as I return to normalcy, I will post a detailed description of our adventures. If you aren't patient, you can read part 1 of the trip here on my brother's site. Otherwise, I'll catch you later to update on that.

In other news, I had an appointment today. My dr had an emergency, so I just saw a nurse. She measured me, did my blood pressure, weight, etc. I'm measuring 2 weeks big just like I did with Cassie. I'm just a big preggo lady. :) I'm up to a total gain of just over 25 lbs now. EEK! I still have 12 weeks to go!!! Oh, well...it all goes away...eventually. :) Baby sounded good and all is on track. I go every 2 weeks now for awhile and then down to every week after a few every-others. This baby is going to be here before we know it!

Speaking of babies...I wanted to do a BIG 'OL shout-out to my dear friend, Holly, who is expecting her 1st baby in...is it Oct, Holly? She has been patiently (yes, Holly...you HAVE been patient) waiting for her husband to finish dental school and then orthodontics school. He's done in August this summer, so they decided that the timing was right. It's been a loooooooong wait for her and she's lived vicariously through those of us who were able to start families before her, so I am so thrilled for them! We're praying for all THREE of you!!!

Well, that's all I can manage tonight. I haven't caught up on all of your blogs, but will as time allows. For now, though, I will say good night and sweet dreams to you all! :)

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tawnyamarie said...

Well at least you have a baby you can blame your 25 pounds on. Last year, I gained about that much for no apparent reason at all. I went to the doctor, with the main complaint that I'd inexplicably gained weight and could not lose it no matter how hard I tried. They ran a few tests and called back to say that if I would just lose 10 pounds I'd feel better.