Monday, March 31, 2008

SOOOOOOOO not time!

So, I had about 6 contractions within an hour and 15 minutes last night. They were not painful, but they were uncomfortable. Of course, I keep wondering how on earth am I supposed to decide if they're painful when I've FELT the PAINFUL contractions of later labor?!? I mean, contractions at the beginning hurt like crazy when they're the first ones you've ever felt, but let me tell you...they seem like kisses once you get into the throws of real labor!

My info sheet from the hospital (from my UTI visit) and my dr (my 3rd trimester visit) said to lay down on my side and drink three 8-oz glasses of water, so I did that. They must have stopped at that point, because I fell asleep. I had a few throughout the night, but nothing steady or anything. This morning, I was fixin to go get the phone book to look up my dr's number (if I haven't mentioned it yet, my cell phone and therefore my life, is non-functional...if you need me, call my home). Before I could get out of bed, the phone rang and it was the dr calling to check on me. I didn't ever call him last night since I fell asleep, so I thought that that was pretty amazing. :) Anyway, he is going to try to get me scheduled for a sonogram today just to make sure that my cervix is behaving. With my first pregnancy, I had a threat of an incompetent cervix at my 20-week sonogram. They put me on partial bedrest and the problem fixed itself. Well, if my cervix is shortening or responding to these contractions (which are from the UTI), then I'll probably be put back on either partial or full bed rest for awhile. He said that the sonography department had been crazy and he knew that they were really backed up, so if they couldn't get to me today then he wanted me to get in to see him and have an exam to check. He said that he'd rather do a sono, though, because then they could get a measurement of how long and thick it was AND it wouldn't be agitating my cervical tissues, which could potentially cause further issues. SO, that's my story. If I can get in to see the sonographer, I'm having a sonogram today. If not, I'm having an exam. WOO-HOO! Doesn't THAT sound like fun.

I'm not worried about the potential of him coming tomorrow or anything. It's just that we need to monitor things to make sure that he doesn't come early period. Obviously, at 29 weeks, that would be major bad if he were to decide it was time to come out, but he would make it through after probably some good time in the NICU. SO, we'll just get it all checked out and do what we need to to convince him that he's warm and comfy in there.

Does anyone else find this ironic after my whining about everyone having their babies or being close to having their babies? I REALLY didn't mean it that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jason said...

Keep us updated! I totally agree, it's sooooooooo not time yet. We'll say a prayer for you and Conrey this morning!

Meshellyn said...

Sorry, that was me.

laura said...

That's not good, Devon. I'll be praying for you and little Conrey.

Holly said...

I'll be praying for you Devon! Keep us updated.