Thursday, March 27, 2008

ER visit #3

Can this BE any more sad? I was in the ER at 5 weeks, 16 weeks, and now 28 weeks. UGH! This time, though, was not exactly an least in my mind. AND, I wasn't really an ER patient...I went up to the labor and delivery floor and spent some quality time there. I thought that I was getting an UTI or urinary tract infection. All day yesterday, I had been peeing lots and when I had to go, I HAD TO GO! Plus, I had a weird burning in my groin. The problem? I had my 2 daycare kids until 5:00. My OB's office closes at 5. UTI's can cause pre-term labor, so they didn't want me to wait until today to get it taken care of. SO, I went up to the ER entrance, went up to labor and delivery, gave them my sample, was hooked up to monitors to check on baby, and watched Big Brother and other shows until they came back. They only thing that we found out about Conrey is that he is already living up to his name...Ornery Conrey. He kept moving away from the sensor. Little stinker! When they came back in, I got a shot in the rear (read that as the most painful shot I've ever gotten that burned like fire, made my butt hurt, and caused me to hardly be able to sit still today) and was sent home. Today, I got a prescription for antibiotics and am supposed to be peeing once every hour (which I was instructed to do all night long).

SO, that's my story. I figure in another 11 weeks (give or take since I have been there every 11-12 weeks), I will have already had the baby, so I'm now shooting for being back there in about 9-1/2 to 10 weeks to be in labor and pushing this guy out! My due date is June 15, but I wouldn't mind having him on the 4th...that's my m-i-l's b-day. She'd like that.

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Meshellyn said...

Oh great, you're one of "those patients" now... LOL.