Monday, March 10, 2008

Full mind

Where to begin?!? Oh, my! My mind is so full of all life has been full of lately. I wasn't "online" this weekend, because I made a super fast trip to Wichita for my sister's recital. I will get to that.

First, the trip down there...EI-YI-YI! If you haven't heard that, you haven't watched enough Barney. :) He says it often. :) My trip down there was, to say the least, terrifying. I was all alone (Cassie stayed with Mark's parents) as far as tangible people were concerned. It was just God, Conrey, and me. I prayed a bunch, I sang, I tried to keep my wits about me. The snow that was supposed to be "flurries" was an awful, blowing, howling snow that made visibility very poor. The cars were going about 40-50...the semis 80-90! Not only was it a struggle to stay in your lane going 40-50, but then a semi would pass and you'd do your absolute best to stay on the road...much less in your lane. I saw about 20 cars who lost that battle and were in the ditch. On the way home, when it was all melted away, I saw at LEAST 50 sets of tire tracks going into the ditches. I imagine that what was behind me was worse than what I encountered. I'm just glad that God gave me the nudge to leave town early and helped all of that work out.

So, my sister...FAB-U-LOUS!!! Her senior solo recital was like none other. In fact, several vocal professionals commented that it was the best high school recital they'd ever attended and better than many college recitals. She was just wonderful. She did 9 opera pieces (3 German, 3 English, 3 Italian) and then 3 contemporary Christian pieces (1 where I sang backup and 1 where we did a trio with Derin). She looked gorgeous, she sounded gorgeous...the whole thing, really, was gorgeous. :)

Let's see...what else did I want to talk about? OH! I, Mark and I have decided to go for "the challenge..." Oh, yes...I said "the challenge." We're not being hardcore about it or anything and we're not keeping a tally or making hearts on our calendar. We're just making a move towards more romancing. :) I'll let you know how that's going. Pretty convienent that at the beginning of "the challenge," we have a 7-day cruise... :) That should make it a bit easier to stick to it, neh? :)

Speaking of said cruise...ARE WE GETTING EXCITED YET?!?!?!?!?! WOO-HOO!!!!!!

Well, Cassie is bored of Seasame Street. Oh, nope...a glance at the clock tells me that SS is over and the show that she's scared of has started. No wonder the protest. Best go get her! More later!

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