Saturday, March 15, 2008


You know how sometimes when you wake up to your alarm (assuming you have it tuned to the radio), the song that wakes you up is stuck in your head the whole day? Well, let's just say that today's song was A) a song that gets stuck in your head SOOOO easy, B) very today-appropriate, and C) already driving me nuts and I fear it will for the duration of my day. Let's just say "Key Largo, Montego, Baby, why don't we go down to Cocomo?" Very cruise-appropriate. Very annoying to have all those names in your head. Besides, we're going to the OTHER side of Mexico!!! :) There are worse things than the more serene voices of the Beach Boys, though...I guess it could have been heavy metal or something, neh?!? :)

You all have a fabulous one, alright? I'll catch ya later!

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Bek said...

Hey, I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten you lately! Chloe's been sick for a couple days, and it's consumed me!

I think 5 diapers a day PLUS swim diapers is plenty. I mean, some days Chloe only uses 5 diapers...well, not too many days, though!

I didn't think about it until you told us that it would take a whole suitcase just for her!!! I assume you're flying to wherever it is you leave from? Does Cassie have to have her own seat? Or can she sit in your lap still? And if she does sit in your lap, how many suitcases does that leave you with, four under-carriage and four carry-on? So two suitcases are Cassie's, one for you, one for Mark; at least one carry-on is Cassie's, if not two, and then two carry-ons for you and Mark.

That's not that much space for 10 days!!!!

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I haven't forgotten you, and I hope you have a great time on your cruise! Take lots of pictures and post them!!!!!