Sunday, March 2, 2008


Hi, all! Hope you've had a great weekend. Ours is still in progress since Mark's days off are Sun and Mon. YAY! What is UP with this weather, eh? We have 70's for a day and a half and now snow is in the forecast for tomorrow? GIVE ME A BREAK!

So, I've been having really bad leg pains. I'm really hoping that I'm not developing varicose veins. That would stink. They hurt the worst at's like the feeling you get with restless leg syndrome, but moving them doesn't help at all like it did when I was pregnant with Cassie. Oh, well...14 weeks left at the most!

Here is my question this week: What is the location of your dream vacation (hey! That rhymed!)? It can be somewhere you've been and you can tell about it or somewhere you'd love to go.

My answer is Australia. I would love to go to Australia and really be able to emerse myself in the culture. I'd love to see some of the wildlife (specifically kangaroos and koalas...I love them both!). I'd love to visit the Great Barrier Reef. I just think that it is such a different place than I've ever been. PLUS, I would just LOVE to hear all of the people around me talking in the great Aussie accent! :)

SO, tell me about your dream vacation and then go book it! HA! If ONLY it were that simple... :)


Patricia said...

My dream vacation right now would be to somewhere where there's no wind, snow, or chain-smoking neighbors...Australia sounds good to me!

Laura said...

Actually, there is no location that I would love to visit. My dream vacation has to be anywhere on a cruise ship. It is like a different world. It's so pampering and beautiful. I like the stops at exotic locations but I mostly like being on the boat and eating and seeing shows. I have to have Dustin and the kids with me for a dream vacation. I also have to not be stressed about money and have enough to spend on whatever we want to do and buy.

So this trip coming up is basically my dream vacation. :-) Cool, huh? The weight loss adds to the perfection of this trip. I got new clothes and two new swim suits (one which I LOVE! Can you imagine loving a swim suit? I never thought I would!) I am SO looking forward to this trip!!

Can't wait to see you guys!

I have to spend the day in court tomorrow. I am the key witness on a drunk driving case from 2003!! They are just now having the case! I am anxious and I dont want to go!

Chelf said...

I want to be in the mountains in Colorado. So quiet, peaceful and just near to God. I have a specific spot that is where my church camp is. We are near a river, we can hike up to a higher point on the peak... it is just where I love to be.

I am planning to take DH to see it this April. Maybe I can convince him to retire there in a few decades? Probably not, but I can dream, huh?

Also want to take DH to see Niagara Falls. Traveling to all sorts of sights in the whole US. That would be the dream trip. No worries, no time constraints, just go and see and enjoy.