Friday, March 14, 2008


OH MYLANTA! I thought I was doing good. NOW, I'm feeling a bit stressed. My list, as they seem to do, is growing exponentially. Between house stuff, packing stuff, and stuff to remember to take/do/send/take care of...OH MYLANTA! I just am feeling overwhelmed. I found my wheels spinning, however, so I thought I'd take a bloggy break. There is a poopy diaper walking around our home office waiting to be changed, but she is eating crackers. I can't really stomach her eating while I change her poo and she's intent on finishing the crackers, so it will have to wait a few. :)

SO, here's what I've determined with the diapers. If anyone reads this today and has any input, please give it. The deadline, however, is TODAY! :) I am taking 50 regular diapers and 20 swim diapers. We are gone a total of 10 days, which gives 5 regular diapers/day and 2 swim diapers/day for an almost-2-year-old. Does this sound reasonable? excessive? horridly unprepared? Help me out, ladies! :)

So, to completely change topics, I hate banks. Yes, I hate them. Why? Well, I hate the fact that they put through all of the debits before the deposits. I hate that they charge you for overdrafting even if it is your first offense EVER. I hate it that, when we deposit OUR money into OUR account, it sits there for 2 days before becoming available to us.

Let me explain our situation. Since Mark started this job, we've been super tight. His first paycheck was after working 2 weeks, but was only 1 week's worth of pay because of when he started. SO, for basically 4 weeks, we've lived on 1 paycheck plus the little bit we had before he started...not much. Today, his check with be direct deposited into our account. When? We don't know, as this is the first direct deposit. So far, it hasn't gone in. Well, our mortgage payment is pending on our account right now. It is sitting there ready to go through, but there is a 24-hour waiting period. Our balance, however, reflects that it has gone through and we have a negative balance at the moment, though it has not actually been taken out yet. IF our direct deposit goes in by 3:00 p.m. today, it will post to our account Monday. IF they do it before they do the problem. BUT, IF they post the mortgage before the dd, then we have ourselves a nice overdraft fee of $30 or $50...I don't remember. What I want to know is WHY they put the debits in before the credits? The ONLY answer I can come up with is to collect those lovely fees. It ticks me off. It especially ticks me off because we have ALWAYS been good with our account and have never gone even to nil, much less's only because of this transition. Mark's mom offered to give us a loan to deposit before we left to avoid the problem, but if we had deposited a personal check yesterday, it STILL wouldn't have posted until Monday. UGH! I tried calling the mortgage company and, by law, they are required to process the check upon receipt...they can't hold it. It's just, at this point, a no-win situation, I feel like and I'm feeling defeated. If you read my brother's blog...does this sound familiar?!? :) Only difference is...this is our first offense. :) :) :) :) :)

OK...I have GOT to be productive. I'll try to post more this week as I'm able, but if not, I'll catch ya on the flip side...

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