Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Well, I just went for my sonogram and have GREAT NEWS! Everything is looking alright. My cervix could stand to be a little bit longer, but I'm not dialating at all, so there is no concern at this point. Another good thing: Conrey is no longer breech!!! He is head down! I thought that he was turning last night, as he was doing quite the acrobatics and sure enough! He's in the right position! He looked great and all of his organs looked great. We couldn't see his face, as he was facing completely back toward my spine, but his little heart was just beating away. OH, and he has HAIR! We could actually SEE it on the sonogram!!!

Just as a precaution, I am still on bedrest until my appointment Tuesday. My mom is probably going to come this afternoon to help me out through the weekend. If anyone would like to come hang out Monday, let me know! :)

Oh, another thing about the little runt. He weighs about four and a half pounds! 4.5!!!!!!! Can you believe it? He should NOT be that big yet. Oh, mylanta! :)

Anyway, thank you all for your prayers and praise God for taking care of my little man.

My phone is back to working now. Unfortunately, my old phone completely crashed, so if you could email me your phone numbers...home, cell, etc. if you're someone I call or family that I should call more *grin* then please email them or call me so that I have your number.

Have a great day and everyone enjoy the sunshine (If you've got sunshine where you live)!!!

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