Sunday, April 20, 2008

32 Week Pictures

Here I am in all my splendor at 32 weeks. WATCH OUT!

Oh, and I don't know what's up with the goofy face.... :)


Mamacita said...

WOW!!! You remind me of me when I was pregnant with our son! How are you feeling? Take care of yourself. This doesn't look like Conrey is going to be little :)

love ya

Meshellyn said...

That picture definitely shows how big Conrey must be! Poor Devon! I can imagine how your body must be rebeling :)

Now, is that a matress you used as a backdrop?

Bek said...

I didn't notice the mattress until Michelle pointed it out. It makes me wonder how long it took Mark to put it up there and put it back, because it doesn't look like you took that picture by yourself :)

Wowsers. I haven't seen you in a while Devon. But it looks like little Conrey is not so little anymore! How big was Cassie when she was born?

Looking at these pictures reminds me that Conrey is a real little boy and he will be here soon

BTW, how are you feeling?

Devion said...

Actually, it IS a mattress that we have extra. It is supposed to be going out to Mark's parents' house, but they haven't picked it up yet and now it's just staying at our house until Conrey is born so that my mom can sleep here. It was where Mark was sitting when I asked him to take my picture. Lovely... :)

Meshellyn said...

HAHA, I thought maybe you were just looking for a feminine type background since your having a Little Mister :P

The white definetely shows your belly off well!