Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Out of order update! :)

So, I realized that I never told you all about my suspected water breaking yesterday that turned out to be a mystery. NO, I did NOT pee on myself, so don't think that! :) Anyway, I got up and had a decent sized rush of fluids. I was freaked. I went to the doctor and after hearing what happened, he started talking about admitting me after doing the tests and such. We talked about all of that and then he did a test. It was negative, which surprised him, so he did a different test. Three negative tests later, it was confirmed that no, my water did not break, though we were both stunned by this result, and I was just left to go back home on bed rest. Today, my sonogram confirmed again that my fluid levels were great and my water had not leaked. YAY!

Remember to send me those phone numbers!!! I'm antsy here with no one to talk to! :)


Bek said...

HOORAY!!! Good job little Conrey!!! You had us scared poopless for a while!!

Do you still need someone on Monday to come by? I don't think I work that day.

I'll e-mail you my number!

Bek said...
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