Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can't think of a title...

So here are a few things:

Bek, Jessica's mom is leaving Thursday (tomorrow). I'm sure that she would be beyond appreciative of any help food-wise. You can call her. If you need her number, you can call me. I accidentally erased the email with your number.

Meshellyn, I sure HOPE that the nurse was a newbie. :) That's all that we could figure out. Moral of that whole story is, PLEASE believe your patients if it's their third baby and they say that it's coming out. :) No, in all reality, there was just a lot of things missed/overlooked/done poorly and I'm just very glad that baby and momma were A-OK.

Laura, I hope that you're all doing better. Did Dustin and Cakey get sick?

I slept from 12:30ish-5:15ish last night and that's all. It sucked. Between the wind, the backyard neighbor's floodlight that kept going on and off, my back, and the fact that I now feel like I'm crawling with ants or something...I just couldn't get quality sleep and then couldn't get back to sleep at that point. It's gonna be a looooooong day...

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Laura said...

Crawling with ants? That doesn't sound good... :-(

Yeah, we're all better and Dustin and Caitlin never got sick. :-) It only lasted a day for Ethan and me but Callie was sick through the weekend. Had to give Dustin something to do. :-)

TOMORROW IS OUR APPOINTMENT!! However, I bet we'll end up going with a loan from a different company (a guy from church) cause he can do FHA and the people we're seeing tomorrow cant. At least we'll have an idea. :-) I found a house two houses down from my aunt Sue that the kids and I LOVE! :-)

Take care of that poor back!!