Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All about Cassie

There have been so many funny, funny things that my daughter has done lately that I just HAD to take a moment to record them. I will be having a doctor's appt at 11:45 today, so be expecting a post this afternoon about that.

We all know that Cassie is a talker. Well, last night, I think she was on speed! She jabbered NON-STOP for the hour and a half (total) that we were in the car yesterday doing errands (I stayed in the car--it was to pick Mark up, pick his car up, and other stuff). She would tell me about things outside, about things in her book, about anything and everything. Mark finally said, "She is going to drive Conrey NUTS!!!" HA! She just never stopped whether we were listening or not. Man, oh man, we've hit the talkative stage!

One dialog that totally cracked me up was when she was reading her book, "Good Night Moon." There is a page that shows the whole room. There is a bookcase that has a baby doll on top (I think it looks more like a monkey, but she calls it the 'baby'). She was really concerned about that baby being up on top of that bookcase. She kept saying OVER and OVER and OVER, "Don't worry baby...it's okay baby...your momma will help you, baby..." those types of things. She was just so concerned for the baby and I found it so heartwarming that she is a caring little thing. She was saying it in a very comforting little voice and I just thought it was so cute!

Let's see...what else was I wanting to write about her? My mind is blank. I know that I had other stories about her that I wanted to get down, but my mind is drawing a blank right now. UGH! I HATE THAT! Well, that's all I have to say, I guess. I'm mad about that, but I guess I'll do it when I remember...

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Rebekah said...

Just got updated with your blog! My goodness you have had a roller coaster and boredom time all in one! I don't think I have your home phone. Give my cell a ring with it! Good to hear all is well. Hope to hear from you soon.!