Monday, April 21, 2008

32 weeks, 1 day

Wow. When I put it in perspective (which is VERY hard to do), I've made it through 4/5 of my pregnancy. I have done this 8 weeks that I have left 4 times already. That gives me hope, encouragement, and real perspective to what I've been through. Of course, I'm HOPING it will be less than that 8 weeks, but if not...well, I know that I can do it.

Seeing as how my daughter seems to understand far more than I realize, I decided that she and I needed to start talking a whole lot more about this baby and what it means that he'll be coming out of mommy's tummy before too long. She loves on him all the time, as I've mentioned before, and is so excited about babies. She LOVED baby Abigail and just was so excited. BUT, the baby coming to her house and taking over her old toys and such...I just think we need some preparation.

So, I started talking about how Conrey will come out of mommy's tummy and be like Abigail. He'll probably cry a lot. I told her that he will be living in our house will be daddy's house, mommy's house, Cassie's house, AND Conrey's house. She was pretty excited about that idea. :) I told her that he would be here all the time and not go bye bye from her and mommy...that sort of thing.

I just know that no matter what it is going to be a huge transition, but maybe I can help soften it a bit with lots of talking about it. We'll see. :)

Well, enjoy the pics below if you haven't seen them yet. Yes, there's a, it's not a prop. :) Mark was sitting at the desk and it was either a mattress backdrop or a drumset backdrop. I chose the mattress. :)

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