Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WILD night

So, anyone else living in this area lose sleep due to the electric light show? We had an AWFUL electrical storm last night. I am tellin' ya. The sky was not dark a moment of that storm. The lightening was from cloud to cloud and cloud to earth/tree/whatever it could find. It was CRAZY! After about 10 minutes of that (that I was awake for), it started hailing. It was reported as "penny-sized" hail. At that point, I decided that I wanted to take Cassie (and Conrey) down to the basement...just in case. There were no sirens and we hadn't watched any weather tracking, but it just made a momma feel better.

On the 10 o'clock news last night, the weatherman took out all rain/storm chances for overnight and today from his forecast. I woke to the storm at 2:33. The national weather service issued a severe storm alert at 2:39. Guess it surprised EVERYONE! The funny thing is, it was lightening off and on at 12 when I was still awake. Amazing. :)

What was I doing awake at 12:00 a.m., you ask? Good question. My husband would not shut his little trap last night! He sometimes gets in those modes where he just jabbers and I was sooooo tired. So, I got to sleep some time after 12...woke up at 2:33 and was awake for a good hour and a half...Cassie got up at 7:30. UGH! Needless to say I'm sleepy today.

However, the good news is that I don't feel overly awful today besides the tiredness. I have been having back contractions all morning, which are uncomfy, but my lowback/hip aren't too bad and overall I feel somewhat decent. Not too many of those days, so I have to give them credit when they show up.

For about half an hour this morning, I got to hear a guy up on top of my roof throwing big bundles of shingles this way and that. I got up after the first 3-4 throws and took pictures down off my shelves in the kitchen. I figured if it was making the chandelier go crazy, I'd best not take the chance. It did make a piece fall off of our track lighting. I was not so happy about that. What do you do, though?!? We are getting our roof done sometime this week...depending on the weather. We certainly need it and are excited to get it over and done with. It will certainly increase our home value and will just give us a fresh, new look. I think maybe the storm popped up last night just to give us 1 last, good leaking so that we would REALLY appreciate the new roof. I thought that it was appropriate that they delivered the materials just after the soaking. :)

Well, I'm really rambling about nothing, aren't I? Oh, I DO need to update on my sister-in-law/nephew with the whole measles/fifth disease thing. It was NOT measles, if you'll remember...it WAS 5th's disease. Her test results came back saying that she is immune and therefore the baby is not at risk. PRAISE GOD! She will have a retest in 3 weeks just to be sure that she didn't still contract it, but for now, it seems that God...as always...was faithful. Thanks for your prayers.

We do need prayers for a friend of mine (and Meshellyn's, though I doubt she knows about it). My friend, Jennifer had a baby 4-1/2 weeks premature due to preeclampsia (high blood pressure/swelling/etc.). They HAD to deliver her, as her life was at stake. She tore really, really badly and just had a really rough delivery. The baby (Brennen) has had some breathing issues, but from what I understand, he's doing much better. Please keep them in your prayers.

Well, that's all I know for now. Everyone enjoy the springtime that is starting to take over the yards, the air, and the spirit of everyone as we come out of hibernation! :)

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