Thursday, April 3, 2008


OH, GOLLY! This whole lay around and do nothing bit is getting old! I don't know WHAT I'd do if my mom wasn't here, as at least I have someone to talk with. My hips are sore from laying around on my sides (I can't lay on my back and obviously not my stomach). I just hope and PRAY that it is all over by Tuesday. I really think that he'll just tell me to take it easy until the end of the pregnancy. I haven't had any contractions today, so that's good. My mom went and bought the whole entire grocery store for us today. WAY too many sweets for a pregnant lady!!! :) She's done some chores around the house and kept Cassie entertained.

As for that he's head down, he apparently likes to head-butt. That's right...the area of concern is being repeatedly head-butted. I really think that he's trying to make an escape! :)

Did I MENTION how freakin' huge he is?!?

My dad and sister will be coming here tomorrow night. My dad has chiropractic seminar all day on Saturday. The plan was to do some shopping...specifically looking for a white graduation dress for my sister. Also, a bedspread for her dorm room and my mom is looking for a new comforter, as well. Well, with this whole rest thing, either I will stay home and they'll take Cassie with them (not gonna happen) or I'll go with them, but stay in the car and read most of the day with only occasional store ventures. My mom doesn't think that I should go with them, but she has been WAY overly protective. The doctor said that I could still go places and such, but that I should lay down when at home and sit as much as possible when out and about. Most places these days have motorized wheelchairs, right? :) I'll be going with them. If nothing else, then because of the fact that they have no clue how to get around in this town without me! :)

Well, I guess I have nothing exciting to say from my 4 days of just laying around. I hope that you're all having a great week! Nobody has been calling/emailing me with those phone numbers!!!!!

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Cami D said...

Uh, excuse me? You got a phone number from at least one of us ... albeit not exactly for that reason. BTW, have you watched that video? Enjoy it or just blah? Dustin liked it ... he told me so.
Hope all is well. Whenever you need, just call. I am usually not too busy to talk to you. But, I am going turtle shooting right now. So I think I'll vibrate my cell for a while. We are stocking our farm pond with good fish, but there are too many turtle. I will go throw out some food, then sit back and let the little critters come to momma! hee hee
Have a great weekend with the fam!